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Content Management Systems (CMS) have become hugely popular over the last decade. By far the most popular CMS is WordPress, with a staggering 18.9% of websites making use of the platform. CMS makes it much easier to change the style and content of a website without the need for coding knowledge. This is perfect for website owners who are less technically inclined but still want full control over their site.

At TA Web Media, we create websites that are built using CMS to your exact specifications. Our CMS web design service will enable you to have a website that not only looks great but also comes with all the functionality you need whilst being easy to manage and update. We can build custom CMS as well as building themes for existing platforms such as WordPress.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and always take our clients' input into account so you can be sure that your website will be exactly how you imagined when it' finished. We have worked with many different businesses, both in the UK and overseas so we know what approach to take in order to get the best results every time.

Features of our CMS web design service :

  • Fully Customised to Your Needs – Whatever features you want your website to have, we'll be able to include them. We'll also ensure that your website looks great and is in line with your wishes.
  • Custom CMS – We can also build customised CMS if you have specific things you'd like to achieve that existing platforms can't manage.
  • WordPress Theme Development – We can take your vision for your website and turn it into a fully functional WordPress theme that looks great and functions perfectly.
  • Mobile Responsive – Our CMS websites are always built to be mobile responsive – providing the best possible viewing experience for visitors to your website.
  • SEO Optimised – Just like all of our websites, our CMS web design service comes with on-site SEO optimisation as standard.

The benefits of a CMS website :

  • Full Control Over Your Website – With a CMS website, you have full control over everything, including the content, design and users.
  • Easy to Manage – Managing a CMS website is much easier than a traditional website since you don't have to rely on a webmaster to make changes for you.
  • Simple Scheduling – If you want to schedule blog posts to publish on a certain date then this is incredibly easy to do using CMS.
  • Multiple Users – Another key benefit of using CMS is that you can add multiple users to your website and assign them different permissions based on their role in your company. This is makes it much easier to keep your website active and functional.
  • Easy to Make Design Changes – If you decide that you want to add a graphic to your website or change the background colour then this is very easy to do when using CMS.


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